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Barton Advanced Tutor

Brenda Hancock

Brenda has been helping children learn to read amd spell for more than 20 years. She began as a Kindergarten Aide and then an Instructional Aide in Special Education. Since 2004, Brenda has been using the Barton Reading and Spelling System as well as the Lips program, exclusively. As an interventionist and reading specialist, she witnessed amazing growth of many children using these systems. Having earned her Barton Certification in 2006, Brenda sought further training in the Lindamood-Bell Programs: LiPS, Seeing Stars, and Visualizing and Verbalizing. In 2016, continuing to work toward a deeper understanding of what methods exist to help struggling learners, Brenda became a Dyslexia Screening Specialist and also trained in Handwriting Without Tears. 


Brenda loves working with children. She is passionate, enthusiastic, and dedicated to helping all children. She excels at helping dyslexic children, in particular, become successful and confident in their reading and spelling skills. She believes all children can succeed and knows that these skills build confidence, improve.their self-esteem and will make a huge difference in their lives. She knows that reading is key to their future and will provide them with limitless possibilities. 


Brenda Hancock is a wife, mother, and grandmother. She and her husband, John, have been married for thirty-six years.They have seven children, and 16 grandchildren. She enjoys camping, traveling, family history, and Words with Friends.