Summer Reading: Tried and True Books for Dyslexic Readers

Summer is here! Let's get ready to party! Let's go swimming, eat watermelon until we pop, sleep in late, go on vacations, and read until the sun comes up! A ton of parents have asked me for my book recommendations, so here I am writing a blog. Through out all the years I have been working with dyslexic students, I have developed a list of books that are highly engaging and fun to read. These books are tried and true to get hesitant dyslexic readers to READ!

If your kiddo isn't at the eye-reading level of the book they want to read, don't deny them the pleasure of being completely engulfed in the joy of reading. Just get the book on audio so they can EAR-READ. Check out,,,, and iTunes for ear-reading books.

Ok, are you ready for the list... Here you go!

1. Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling