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Cris Walston

Cris got into the field of dyslexia when her daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of 8.  Realizing the positive impact that tutoring, through the Barton Reading and Spelling System, had on her own child has driven Cris to focus on bringing this benefit to other children who struggle as well. 


As a parent, she had the unique opportunity to understand how dyslexia affected both child and parent and how difficult it was for both.  Cris had the incredible experience of watching her daughter make significant growth due to being tutored within the Barton System, boosting her daughter’s confidence by leaps and bounds. Seeing the significant results made moving forward and becoming a Barton Certified Tutor an easy decision. She finds bringing hope, through tutoring, to both student and parent extremely rewarding!


Cris is a Certified Barton Tutor and Dyslexia Specialist. She has also worked as a paraprofessional in the Vail School District since 2014.


Outside of tutoring Cris loves to spend time with her husband and 3 children. All of whom have supported, encouraged and cheered her on as she has pursued her passion in tutoring  and they continue to cheer her on as she continues to learn and grow within this field so that she may help others.

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