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Diagnostic Dyslexia Testing

Early identification and proper remediation of dyslexia can prevent failure in the classroom. A child can be tested for dyslexia as young as 5 ½ years of age.


Most parents want to know if dyslexia is the cause of their child's struggles. They also want to know what they can do to help, and what assistance the school can give.


Our goal is to make sure every parent fully understands their child's individual needs, and how to help those needs. Through our in depth, accurate, and informative testing; parents and student can start on their pathway to success.


There are many types of testing. Be sure you get the type of testing that you need. 

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Schools test for an academic discrepancy, but the reason for that discrepancy is not specifically identified. Without proper identification, ineffective remediation is often given.


Our testing includes a dyslexia analysis as well as psychoeducational evaluations with a licenced clinical psychologist


If you recognize three or more of the  warning signs in your child, you should consider testing. Please call one of our Specalists for further details.

Our testing includes the following:

1. We use a series of tests that evaluates each of the areas that dyslexia can affect. One single test is not enough.

2. A diagnosis of dyslexia and the severity level as well as any other coexisting (comorbid) conditions.

3. Legal language that qualifies a student for an IEP (special education) or 504 accommodation plan. 

4. A complete action plan of classroom accommodations your child will need for the rest of their academic career.

5. A full recommendations plan including the proper kind of remediation (tutoring and academic therapies) needed.

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