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Dyslexia Pros Videos

Dyslexia Pros and Chandler SEPAC host a special meeting discussing IEEs (Independent Educational Evaluations) and the new Dyslexia laws in Arizona.

Watch Laura Busby, founder of Dyslexia Pros, and Lena, a Dyslexia Pros student, in this Cronkite News story on Dyslexia and SB 1461. 

This Dyslexia exemption law provided revisions to Arizona's Move On When Reading laws.


This video aired on March 6, 2015 

For the full story, go to Cronkite Online News

Watch Laura Busby, founder of Dyslexia Pros, and Quinn, a Dyslexia Pros student, testify to the House Education Committee on  SB 1461, the Dyslexia exemption law to Arizona's Move On When Reading laws.

This video aired on March 11, 2015 

Watch Quinn, a Dyslexia Pros student, give his AMAZING science fair presentation to a group of teachers! 

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