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Dyslexia Pros' Client Policies


Payment Policies:

A deposit of $200 will be charged to the credit or debit card on file. This deposit may be applied to the final invoice if conditions have been met. 


Tuition for the entire month will be charged on the first session of the month via the credit or debit card on file.


A late fee of $25.00 may be charged if payment is not received by the 2nd session of the month.  


Student Attendance Policies:

Your child's sessions are standing appointments. This particular time is a commitment on your part and your tutor's part. Consistency in attendance is a primary factor in achieving educational growth. If an emergency occurs, please contact your tutor at least 2 hours in advance and advise them of your cancellation. Doctor and Dental appointments should not be scheduled during session days and times.


There are no refunds for missed or canceled appointments. However, make-up sessions will be offered for canceled appointments where at least a 2-hour advance notice was given, if your child's tutor has availability. With our tutors' schedules tightening, this may become difficult to accommodate, making session attendance a priority.


A student must have no fewer than two sessions a week, as this is the minimum number of sessions for adequate progress. Excessive cancellations or missed appointments are unacceptable and will result in the termination of tutoring, and the deposit will be forfeited. 


Parents are invited to attend the tutoring sessions in an "in the background" listening mode. Siblings of the student or other children are not to be brought into the tutoring session. Parents and siblings are welcome to wait in the waiting area.  


Please notify your direct tutor when there are changes regarding who will pick up your child. Your child's safety and security are critical.  Early drop offs and/or late pick ups are not allowed. Any drop of or pick up in excess of 5 minutes of session start/end time will be billed at the session rate. 


If you plan to discontinue services, please provide at least 30 days written notice for your student's final review and exit assessment. The deposit will be forfeited if less than 30 days notice is given.  


Dyslexia Pros does offer advocacy services for 504 and IEP meetings. We also will help parents learn to be effective advocates for their children. We are happy to counsel parents concerning classroom accommodations, etc. Any parent or school meetings over 10 minutes are billed at the regular session rate including preparation time.


We can assist students with their homework. However, this does take time away from their academic therapy sessions. Additional sessions should be scheduled to accommodate their homework needs. 


We do not consult with or contact the student's teachers or other extended relatives except by special arrangement. 

Clean Area Policy:

Children's areas are available for student use before and his/her after sessions, and are available for sibling companions or friend companions while a student is in session. We ask parents or guardians to ask their children or child's companions to clean up any messes they have created. 

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