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Testimonials From Parents

We LOVE to hear from parents! Here are just some of the comments we have heard from parents over the years. 

"Some of the finest, most dedicated and passionate educators I know. Love them so much and am so grateful for the great work they perform. They provide truly life changing results and miracles! Thank you ladies!" 



"[My son] loves coming to see you. You are a huge part of our support system."



"Since your help, [my son], has gotten straight As for the first time ever!! He reads better, and seems to relax more during his tests. Thanks so much. Great job!" 



"[My daughter] exceeded the standards in reading, writing and math. This program really works!"



"[My son] asked if he could stay up past bedtime to read! First time in 12 years! Thank you so much for the difference you have made in his life!" 



"We are so please with his progress. You are amazing! Most of all, [my son's] confidence level is at an all time high. Priceless!"



​"[My son] did such a good job with his reading and review of sight words today. We are so pleased with his progress he has made. We also see his confidence level increasing. He is actually proud of himself. Can't put a price tag on that. You are REALLY good at this!" 



"[I] just wanted to take a moment to tell you how great I am feeling about [my son's] growth in reading. He has gained so much confidence and independence, not to mention real ability. I feel so blessed to have your help. He just loves you and for that I am truly grateful."



"[My son] met the standards on all portion of the AIMS this year for the first time. This is in huge part to your help."

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