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Barton Masters Certification

Vivian Mueller, B.A., DTR

Vivian is an Masters Certified Barton Tutor and Dyslexia Screening Specialist. She is also trained in Lindamoode-Bell LiPS and Visualizing Verbalizing as well as Handwriting Without Tears. Vivian has been in education environments since 1993, working in K-8, high school and community college levels. She discovered the world of dyslexia through an educator friend, and was immediately hooked on getting involved in tutoring these special students.  She has worked with young children, middle school, and adult students and has found it exciting to see the positive, lifelong effect that appropriate intervention can have in their lives.  She is thrilled to be involved in such a proactive endeavor with lasting consequences.


In addition to her passions for dyslexia, Vivian is a dietetics professional and is registered with the national Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.  Vivian has run her own cooking school, created organic gardens, and attendant nutrition curriculum in grade schools. She has won Nutrition Grants from the State of Arizona and National Dairy Council for programs in Phoenix area grade schools. She continues to do one on one nutrition consulting for families, athletes, and individuals, as well as giving nutrition classes, demos and interactive healthy cooking classes for groups. 


She and her husband, Roger, have two girls and a son in law who live in Phoenix.  

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