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Barton Advanced Tutor

Jennifer Pedersen

Jennifer developed her passion for helping dyslexic children from her own personal journey as the mother of a dyslexic son.  Jennifer has experienced the joys and frustrations that many parents go through in seeking answers for why their child is struggling, and finding the right kind of help. She understands the importance of getting children what they need and deserve in school and how instrumental a good tutor with a passion for helping dyslexic children can be.


Jennifer is forever grateful to the elementary school teacher who introduced her to the Barton Tutoring system and to the inspiring Barton tutor who worked with her son until he completed the entire system.


One of her greatest joys was the day her son was asked by his grandfather “If all this Barton tutoring was helping”, and he responded, “Yes! I can read now!” Jennifer saw for herself the amazing growth in reading, spelling, and comprehension her son gained from Barton Tutoring not to mention the self-confidence he attained.  She is dedicated to helping other children and families attain this same gift.


Jennifer is an Advanced Certified Barton Tutor, trained in Lindamood-Bell LiPS program, Handwriting Without Tears, and is a Dyslexia Advocate. 


Jennifer has been happily married to Bob for 23 years. They have two amazing sons, two yappy dogs and, currently one chicken.




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