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Homeschool Support Program

This program aims to provide a fuller educational experience for our students who need that support and is for both short and long-term homeschool students. 


The benefits of our homeschool support have been astounding. With two to three hours of "school" per day with a tutor and one to two hours of at-home work per day, students have been able to progress at least two grade levels in core subjects in only one year, learn to love learning again, and improve executive function skills. We also provide parents with a structured curriculum and schedule, so they can better help monitor the student's work at home. If desired, percentage and letter grades can also be recorded to help aid the future transition back into "regular" school.

With a one-on-one or one-to-two tutor-to-student ratio, we can target academic interventions, general subjects, and executive functions. 

A typical day for a home school student would be: 


The day starts at 8:00 am or 9:00 am

First 50 minutes: Reading and spelling intervention instruction using a customized plan specific to the needs of the student.

10-minute brain break 

Second 50 minutes: Math instruction using a customized program that includes intervention as well as overall math instruction.

10-minute brain and/or snack break

Third 50 minutes: Writing composition or other subjects and special projects (writing, social studies, science projects).

Last 10 minutes: 

The tutor assigns homework that students can complete independently and totals about one to two hours of homework time.

Customized days and times can be arranged depending on the needs and situation. 

We also schedule semimonthly outings or get-togethers with other homeschool students.

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