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Dyslexia is not part of the standard curriculum in any of Arizona's teacher training programs. For this reason, in-service and professional development trainings on dyslexia are very important for every Arizona school and teacher. Dyslexia Pros offers informational and training dyslexia seminars that are very helpful for all teachers and administrators.

Professional Development Seminars

CEU Credit Available


Dyslexia Pros offers a series of 3 seminars aimed at increasing the professional knowledge base of teachers so they can recognize dyslexia, provide appropriate accommodations, and provide instruction that is explicit, systematic and multi-sensory. The seminar series includes:


1) What is dyslexia: Understanding and Identifying Dyslexia

   This professional development training examines the science behind dyslexia, how we know what we know about dyslexia, how to spot a student with dyslexia, a dyslexia simulation, common classroom accommodations, teaching techniques, and a question and answer session.  Time: 2 hours

2) Reading Intervention Methods

    This is a methods seminar focusing on improving reading intervention lessons both in tier 2 and tier 3 level groups. Methods focus on designing systematic, explicit, and multi-sensory structured literacy lessons. Sample lessons, collaborative group practice, and discussion time are provided. Time: 3 hours 

3) Assistive Technology for Dyslexic Students

    This seminar provides information about assistive technology tools that help students with dyslexia access classroom curriculum more efficiently and effectively and gain independence both inside and outside the classroom. Text to speech, speech to text, and organizational apps are just some of the tools taught in this seminar. Time: 1 hours

4) Arithmetic Math Methods for Dyslexic Students 

     Students with dyslexia require math instruction that first focuses on conceptual understanding and then explicitly connects concrete and picture representation to numerical (abstract) representation. These students also require specific methods to learn and remember math facts. In this seminar, you will learn how to teach arithmetic so students with dyslexia understand, remember, and problem-solve basic and complex arithmetic. Time: 2 hours

5) Screening for Dyslexia at School

Public and charter schools in Arizona will soon be required to give universal dyslexia screenings for all students in kindergarten and first grade. In this seminar, you will learn the screening requirements and why each requirement is important. Additional supplemental screening sections will also be taught. Time: 2 hours

We can also create a custom training for the unique needs of your school and students. Contact us today to discuss teacher training options.

Our Mission

To educate and empower dyslexic students and their families.








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