The Plain & Simple: A Blog Series on the WHAT and HOW of Dyslexia- Part 1: Testing for Dyslexia

The Plain and Simple: A Blog Series on the What and How of Dyslexia

Part 1: Testing for Dyslexia

It is our goal and mission at Dyslexia Pros to take the confusion and complication out of dyslexia. Plain and simple, over 30 years of research has been done on dyslexia. We know how to test for it and how to deal with it academically and emotionally. However, this research just hasn’t gotten into the hands of most educators and psychologists. This leads to misinformation being given to parents who are just trying to get answers and help for their child. In this first blog of our series: The Plain & Simple, we are going to specifically talk about Testing for Dyslexia. We will talk about: Why testing needs to be done, Who can and should test, What tests should be done, How much it should cost, and What you should expect from a quality report.