Meredith McBrien, B.A.

Meredith has a bachelor's degree and California teaching credential from Fresno Pacific University. She has used her skills to instruct K-8 students for over 30 years. During that time, she observed students who were very intelligent yet had extreme difficulty with spelling and learning to read. These students were hard workers who often became discouraged. Different types of remediation did not seem to help and these students fell further behind.


A few years ago, Meredith, was privileged to attend a seminar with Susan Barton. She was excited to learn about new research for identifying dyslexia and better yet, with systematic training these students could learn to read. This information was shared with parents who began to have their children tutored using the Barton System. When she saw the difference it made, she began tutoring students herself.


Meredith's goal is to continue to learn more about dyslexia. She wants each child to be a successful reader and enjoy a love of literature while realizing the strengths they possess in other areas.


Meredith and her husband have recently moved to Phoenix. Besides reading, she enjoys helping people through her church, traveling and getting outdoors to bike or hike.

Our Mission

To educate and empower dyslexic students and their families.








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