Start reading audiobooks right now… Seriously, do it!

Most educators agree that reading over the summer is one of the BEST ways to decrease regression. However, reading is hard for dyslexic people. Even after intensive remediation using the best programs, reading can still be very laborious. This hardship often leads dyslexic people to NOT read. This is terrible because reading helps improve vocabulary, fluency, promotes creativity, imagination, and higher level thinking skills. Reading needs to happen! With that said, let’s take a piece from the dyslexia rockstar, Ben Foss (author of The Dyslexia Empowerment Plan), and redefine reading...

There are 3 types of reading:

1. Traditional eye-reading

2. Finger-reading (also known as brail)

3. Ear-reading

The third, ear-reading, is what our dyslexic students know how to do really well. Ear-reading is when one listens to the text being read aloud; more commonly known as listening to audiobooks. I LOVE LOVE LOVE audiobooks! In my opinion, I think everyone in the world would read more if they would ear-read. I know that my reading increased 10x when I started listening to audiobooks in my car instead of the radio. Let's just take a look at my nightstand with a HUGE stack of unfinished books. I would start eye-reading a book, and then never finish because lack of time or energy. This unproductive habit has been going on for my entire life. (Besides blazing through the Harry Potter books, cause everyone knows you can’t put those down). In the last month alone, I have read 5 books by listening to them in my car. I have learned, been inspired, intrigued, and touched by words in amounts that