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Tech for Dyslexics

I am asked on a daily basis about the best technology devices and apps for a dyslexic person. To help answer a lot of questions at once, here are some of my favorite technology recommendations for dyslexic students.

A few years ago I converted entirely to Apple products, and my life forever changed for the better! I know some people hate Apple products but I am telling you, for dyslexic people, Apple products are just plain better and easier to use. Here are some reasons why:

1. Apple Products all have text to speech and speech to text built right into the operating system. Seriously, this is GAME CHANGING! No need to buy expensive speech to text/ dictation software, or the really expensive text to speech/audio software. These life saving features come included with your Apple devices. Check out these videos and links to learn how to turn text to speech and speech to text on:

For iMac/Macbooks:

For iPhone/iPad: click this link

2. iPad and iPhone apps! I’ll write more blogs on different apps I like, but here are my favorite every days work apps:


This app allows audio record while taking notes, AND you can click on a note you wrote to hear the audio that was going on at the time you took the note. WOW! I cannot tell you how helpful this can be for dyslexic student. Then, on top of that amazing feature, the app allows importation of PDF files and pictures. Imagine this: A student is taking notes in class while audio recording. The teacher is writing complicated math problems on the board and the student just can’t keep up (sound familiar). The student then stops writing, snaps a picture of the board, imports the picture into the Notability note they were just working on and resumes their note taking- all while the app is still recording the lecture! Sounds too good to be true? Watch this video and be amazed!


This is more than a spell checking app. This app checks punctuation (commas, periods, capitalizations), homonyms, and corrects tenses of words. Get it now! (Ginger can also be downloaded on computers. It isn’t limited to just an app).

My Homework Student Planner App:

This app is account based, so parents and teachers can log in to make sure the student is using the planner correctly. It has all the planning features one could want, and will send push notifications to the iPhone or iPad to remind students an assignment is coming due. Toss those paper planners in the recycling bin, and get this app to help organize homework and assignments!

3. AirDrop: If you don’t know what AirDrop is, and have an Apple product, watch this video right now! AirDrop is the quickest way to get files from one Apple device to another. No need to save and email something to yourself, or save it to the cloud. Just AirDrop to the device you need the file on, and be on your way. Brilliant! Just brilliant! Here is a man with a British accent to help explain the process to you. You're welcome!

Please make sure your student has an email address set up on their devices. Having an email address really helps teachers and students share information quickly. Parents who have elementary school aged kids; make sure you have the password! Safety first!

On a final note, Apple really does give good support services. Most anything to do with the Apple operating systems have tutorials online, or just make an appointment with the Genius Bar people and have them help you figure some stuff out.

P.S. I wasn't paid to promote any of this. This is my straight up honest opinon gained through experience.

Thanks for reading! I hope I helped you today!

-Laura Busby

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